About us

About us

About NEW HOUSE for real estate:
With its inception tracking back over 4 years. NEW HOUSE for development has been developing real estate with distinction , starting from Bianki Plaza Beach at Bianki , Priaso Resort (Sedi Krir) , Paradise C (Silver Beach) & San Romance Resort at kilo 26 Alexandria- Matrouh desert road and Amgad resort (Agami) with it’s charming elegent Architecture and premium location.
Due to NEW HOUSE’s Perseverance along its initial foundational paths , today we present Blue Park Residence (Sidi Abd El- Rahman) North Coast luxury touristic project which is a new type in the era of Architecture and life style


Our Vision

New House – Our name and our first principle which we followed from our first day to obtain the clients trust. Enthusiasm – one of our attitudes that we love to overcome challenges and to find suitable solutions for every minor problem we face. Specialization – to be professional you should be special in what you’re doing, we are working in a professional manner all the time.


Our Mission

Ambitious – The secret of our success, 2011 was our start as a construction and real estate development company, being ambitious was the main factor to be one of the biggest companies in our field and to involve our name ” New House ” in a lot of other fields Like Journalism presented in our newspaper and media presented in our TV Channel

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